Stardust Rehearsal, 2007, 4 Channel Video Installation, 17'20"

Stardust Rehearsal is a four channel synchronised video installation, commissioned for the exhibition ‘My Vision’ in Mannheim, Germany (2007). Manchot worked with four young Berlin based bands whom she invited to write a new song each which musically and lyrically expresses their respective sense of the future, either personal or on a wider level of society. The project consists of four videos of these songs being rehearsed, edited so that the four bands exist side-by-side as if listening to each other’s songs. Each of the four bands in Stardust Rehearsal represents a different musical genre and all are to some extent hybrids. The combination of musical styles, and the way in which young people align themselves to different musical genres, is here seen as a form or portraiture or self-portraiture (as expressed by them). The four channels are either shown as four monitors, stacked like a videowall, or as four projections.