Walk On, From Richard Long to Janet Cardiff, 40 years of Art Walking, Mike Collier and Cynthia Morrison-Bell, Art Editions North, UK,  2013.

Published by Engelberg Mountain Railways, 2013

Insomniac Promenades, Exhibition Catalogue, Marie Shek, Passage De Retz, 2008

Vollendete Zukunft, Exhibition Catalogue, Jule Reuter, Galerie Parterre, 2008  

Moscow Girls, Katja Blomberg, John Slyce, Haus am Waldsee, 2006

Rohkunstbau, Exhibition Catalogue, Gisbourne, Mark, Prestel, 2006 

Love Is A Stranger, Klaus Honnef, Janet Hand, Stuart Horodner, Prestel, 2001 

Look At You Loving Me, Katja Blomberg, Val Williams, Friedrich Reinhardt, 1998

Vile Bodies: Photography and the Crisis of Looking, Chris Townsend, Prestel, 1998